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SEO For The EFPS Sites – Update July 2014

Here’s a quick update on the EFPS sites and how the SEO I did last month appears to have affected them.

EFPS Site 1
No SEO was done, and it has definitely decreased in page views. Of course, it’s summer time and since I haven’t added any new content in months, it’s probably just a normal decrease in rankings over time.

EFPS Site #2
For this site I used the free IMtalk website submitter and posted to the top 100 sites. It went from 16 views in April, to 4 views in May, and now to 10 in June. Conclusion: It doesn’t seem to have helped or hurt it.

EFPS Site #3
For this site I bought a fiverr gig that will create 60 high PR links. It went from 4 views in April, to 6 views in May, and now to 0 in June. Conclusion: Although there is hardly enough volume to base any conclusions on, it does seem to have hurt it. I’ve had bad luck with fiverr gigs in the past so I think I will take this as proof that these types of gigs just don’t work. But maybe I’ll test another one in the future.  =)

EFPS SIte #4
For this site I used a new paid tool created by the guy at IMtalk, it’s called and it’s a social signal tool. It went from 4 views in April, to 11 views in May, and now to 47 in June. Conclusion: Increased traffic by about 400%. I’d say it helped! The best part is that it was also the cheapest of all the paid tests.

EFPS Site #5
For this site I used SocialAdr, a bookmarking service that also does Facebook likes. I bought 50 bookmarks and 50 likes. It went from 7 views in April, to 13 views in May, and now to 18 in June. Conclusion: It doesn’t seem to have helped or hurt it.

I realize that this isn’t an extremely accurate test, I’m not checking rankings for specific keywords, I’m just judging success based on traffic numbers. But isn’t traffic what we really care about? More traffic generally equals more money regardless of which keyword brings it in.

Using this criteria my conclusions are:
1. It’s a waste of money to spend on fiverr gigs or Social Adr.
2. The IMTalk submitter tool is probably good for indexing a new site but not all that helpful after it’s already been indexed.
3. The new tool appears to have worked well.

I’ll need to run some more tests using the tool and see how they come out.

Anyone else used any of these tools?

SEO for the EFPS Sites – June 2014

As you may remember from my previous income report, EFPS Site #1 has broken the threshold of profitability, unfortunately the others haven’t. Since I can’t really lose anything but a few bucks, I thought I would purchase different SEO packages for them and compare how they do. Last night I bought four different packages, one for each website.

EFPS Site #2

For this site I used the free IMtalk website submitter and posted to the top 100 sites. 97 backlinks were created. Cost – free. Time frame – all built immediately and pinged.

EFPS Site #3

For this site I bought a fiverr gig that will create 60 high PR links. Cost – $5. Time frame – 1 day.

EFPS SIte #4

For this site I used a new paid tool created by the guy at IMtalk, it’s called and it’s a social signal tool. You get Facebook likes and shares, tweets, and Google + shares. I bought 100 social signals. Cost – $2.50. Time frame – built over 10 days.

EFPS Site #5

For this site I used SocialAdr, a bookmarking service that also does Facebook likes. I bought 50 bookmarks and 50 likes. Cost – $7.50. Time frame – Not sure. 32 Bookmarks have been built in about 15 hours so far, but not a single FB like. I’m guessing the bookmarks will all be created within 24 hours, but no idea on the length of time for the likes.

All told, I spent $15. Hopefully, it will help boost these other sites to the point where they are at least breaking even and bringing in $10 or so each month. I’ll let you know how they are doing at the end of the month.  =)

* Edit *

I forgot to mention that I checked all 5 sites using and no backlinks were detected on any sites, however, I know that site #1, the only actual performing site did have a backlink from an autoblog at one point, (I did not create it). I also indexed site #1 with a tool like the IMT submitter, although I don’t remember what it was. I think I did that back in Feb.

I’m planning on writing a couple of good content articles for site #1 to see if I can increase earnings for next month. Depending on if any of these SEO tests pan out, I’ll then use the winner on the new content.




Case Study #2 – Community Cash

On March 5th I purchased a site from Tom aka Wolfmmiii on the WarriorForum.


The basic pitch for the WSO is “never rely on Google again”! The idea is that he builds you a website and a facebook page, and then starts off your fan page likes with a week long advertising spree. that way, you have a built in audience to sell to. Of course, he recommends that you don’t sell to them immediately as you need to build up the trust factor.


The good news is that you can use other peoples content because this is Facebook. Since you don’t care about ranking in Google, you also don’t care about duplicate content. And the icing on the cake is that Tom  will buy your site back from you within 14 days, (I.E. full refund), if you follow his guide and aren’t happy with the results.

So, by now you are probably wondering how did it go for me?

Well, first I’d like to say that Tom was super easy to work with, quick to answer my questions, and quick to get the site up and running. You just have to remember that he doesn’t work weekends.  🙂  The site itself looks great, it’s got a custom header and design that matches up with the facebook page for brand recognition. I didn’t really like the theme that he used and I definitely didn’t like the ad placement or the plugin that served the ads, but those were minor details and easily rectified. Once he’d finished the site, I went in and added my personal touches and voila! I had a complete site plus FB page all set up.

Tom originally added about 5 articles and a couple of videos to the site to get it started, and also posted them to the fb page.

I’m not sure if the FB campaign he ran actually went for one full week as I wasn’t added as an admin until Tuesday or Wednesday of that week, however, I have no reason to doubt it. I do wonder if he has a cap on the amount spent per day; I assume he must or else he wouldn’t make any profit. By the end of the week I had 204 likes from his campaign. That’s not a huge amount, but it’s a good start.

Total cost for all of this? $99. Of course that was almost three weeks ago and he’s now selling the package for $119.

What have I done with it so far?

Not that much I’m afraid. Time is always hard for me to come by, hence why I’m buying these completed sites instead of creating them from scratch. I’ve managed to make a few posts on the fb page, but I haven’t done anything with the website. One thing I have figured out already though is that people on fb aren’t that interested in leaving fb to go somewhere else, they are however very interested in photos and memes. Especially ones with exceedingly good-looking women in them.  =)

My next course of action for this site will be to find some more photos, videos, memes, etc, basically anything visual that will catch the person’s attention, and start posting them regularly. Then I’ll add an email capture funnel on the website, and start posting one original article each week on the website which I’ll link back to from the fb page. Hopefully that will start to build my email list which I can then use to market and make money. I also need to make a twitter account and a pinterest account, and probably run a fb campaign to get more likes.

Like most money-making ideas, the work doesn’t stop once the site is built – there really isn’t anything that is “set it and forget it”, but without having a VA to do all the work for you, I’d say that using fb for traffic is a lot more work than the usual keyword research + articles + seo route. It’s also a lot more fun. It’s pretty cool when you see people like and comment on the stuff that you post. =)

Bottom line, so far I’m happy with the price I paid and the service I received. In fact, just today I bought one of his amazon sites. I’ll let you know how that goes…

Case Study #1 – Thoughts

I was going over the bonus content today from EmpireFlippers for the PreSold sites, and I noticed the quality varied considerably. Some of the articles barely needed any re-writing, while others were terrible. Here’s a sample of text that was so bad I had to chuck it completely, (the keywords are removed to protect the innocent).

terrible writing

Now I’m not trying to pick on EmpireFlippers, but I’m starting to get why the sites I bought from them aren’t ranking too well. I checked the home pages of those sites and noticed that there’s quite a few sentences that are grammatically incorrect, and a few like those above that just don’t make any sense at all.

I’m betting Google can “see” this as well.

I did manage to find enough time to re-write 5 of the 10 bonus content pieces. I’ve changed the keyword density, (they were using the primary waaaay too often), added some affiliate links, and cleaned up the grammar. On average I also added 44 words to each piece.

What about the keywords themselves? Well, the good news is that they have decent search volumes and a good KC. The bad news is that it’s a real stretch to connect most of them to the primary keyword of the site. Sort of like if you had a website about cars and you were writing an article about surfboards, and at the end you throw in something about how you can buy a rack for your car to hold your surfboard. That’s about as close as these are connected to each other.

Anyway, those are my thoughts at the moment….


Adsense Case Study #1 – EmpireFlippers PreSold Sites

At the end of 2013, EmpireFlippers ran a special where they would build sites for you using their team and their methods. According to the sales copy, you would be able to look over their shoulder and learn their methods. I thought that seemed like a good idea, after all, they’re a successful and reputable organization that I could definitely learn something from, so I bought the package – Empire PreSold Sites: Basic for $897. For the money you get:

  • 5 Brand New Niche Sites From Categories Selected
  • 10 Additional Secondary KW’s Researched Per Site
  • 2 additional pieces of content per site (Content ONLY)
  • Empire Keyword Research PRO Package

That was November 20th, 2013. They finished the sites on February 6th, 2014. So far, I’m not very happy with my purchase.  =(


Choosing a Site and Keyword Research

I was able to choose three categories that I wanted my new sites to be in, I chose Insurance, Home and Garden, and Occasions and Gifts. I received 4 of 5 from Home and Garden and 1 from Gifts. Ok, that’s not a big problem, I didn’t really think they could do anything with insurance but I thought I’d give it a shot. However, when they purchased the EMD’s none of them were .coms, and the secondary keywords in many instances did not relate very closely to the primary keyword. I.E. Primary keyword is “Dog Training” and the secondary keyword I received was “pet stores”. Sure, they are both in the pet niche but they don’t really belong on the same site. When I asked about the keyword research and how these keywords were selected, I received platitudes:

Regarding your queries about the URLs, I will have our KW Researcher answer your questions. But I would like to remind you that these URLs were meticulously chosen based on our standards which worked for our own sites. The process that the KW Researchers use are proven to be working for us. The same with the secondary keywords chosen, there is a tested and proven method/process that we follow to come up with them.

Awesome right? I asked HOW and WHY they chose these keywords and I get “we use a process”. I know you use a process, but I don’t know what that process is!

Here’s what the KW researcher said:

Where we got your kw from category 1 and 2. We tried to search for the insurance and had gone through a lot of kw. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find kw that would pass our standards. so we decided to go through category 1 and 2. As my colleague has explained that these kw has gone through a lot of checks and double checks which has proven to be successful. I hope this clarify things.

And here’s what I said:

Actually no. Not a single one of you has clarified anything, all that you have said is “trust us”. I don’t mean to be a pain, but here’s what the sales copy says:

All of these sites will be created specifically for you and the process will be completely hands-off after purchase and filling out the order form. You’ll be able to watch us as we, step-by-step, go through the entire site creation process start to finish.

Here are the details:

All sites built from the ground up
You’re able to select up to 3 broader categories for these sites
KW research and selection by us (with explanation)
Higher risk/reward

I haven’t seen any step-by-step, nor have I received any explanation of why these keywords were chosen.

The whole point of purchasing from this special offer was to learn what criteria EmpireFlippers uses and how they go about their research, otherwise, I could have bought the cheaper packages that include multiple low-earners. As it stands right now, each of these websites needs to earn about $10/mth in order to pay for themselves in a 2 year period. And I have no explanation as to why you think they will do that; they certainly do not appear to be winners to me.

After I wrote that, I received a nice reply from Justin Cooke, but unfortunately it didn’t explain anything either.

I get what you’re saying regarding the non-related secondary – these things happen from time to time due to a misunderstanding of related keywords.

Still – this is the same process we use to create all of our niche sites. (The same people/team, in fact)

I’m not going to bore you any further with the rest of my ranting, but suffice it to say that no one ever actually explained why they chose these keywords, and why the secondary keywords were chosen when they don’t even seem to relate to the primaries. Eventually, on January 13th, 2014 Justin sent me links to their EmpireFlippers guide, (it’s a good guide!), and to some two year old posts about how they do their keyword research.

I read them, and the primary keywords do meet their criteria for the amount of searches and cpc value. I still have no idea why they picked the secondary’s that don’t match, and I’m not confident that these primary keywords really have any value, but I guess time will tell….


Content and Site Setup

The content that I received was adequate. I’d say it’s on par with the better odesk providers. I’d probably pay $5 – $7 for 500 words. It needs some minor revision for grammar and punctuation, and some words aren’t correct for the context they are placed in, but overall it’s very minor stuff.

Site setup was completely hand’s off once I had setup the cpanel accounts. They took care of setting up WP, and placed their own intellitheme theme on the site, (I do own a copy of it although I’ve never used it yet). I can’t say I’m too pleased with the layout; it looks kind of spammy to me. Four of the five use this layout:

It’s very busy and contains a LOT of ads above the fold.

And one site, for no apparent reason uses this layout:

It’s a little less spammy looking, but not much.

(* edit * The intellitheme does layout rotation, or split-testing on its own. That’s why the layouts are different)

Permalinks were set as /%postname%. and each site came with 5 pieces of content, 4 of the articles were set as pages and one was set as a post on the front page. I have no idea why they set things up that way….  Normally all content is set as a post, and only things like “About Us” are pages. When I asked them why they’d set it up that way they replied with:

That is the way how we set up our own sites and so far it works well on us. The reason why the secondary content were added us pages was because we want to primarily optimize the main keyword of the main post. We find it more effective to have its supporting content added as page.

(* edit * I asked for further clarification on adding future content and was told that they add all content as pages)

Each site was also setup with some plugins, all-in-one-seo, contact form 7, date exclusion seo, (removes dates from posts/pages), really simple captcha, and xml sitemap. All of the pages with content and the one post were fully setup in All-in-one-SEO with the proper SEO info. The akismet plugin had been deleted, but comments were turned off for all pages and posts so there won’t be any need for it either. Speaking of deleted, they went to the trouble of deleting the akismet plugin, but left behind all the default themes, the default wp-config-sample, readme, and license files. That just seems sloppy to me.

They also left the default table prefix but I’ll take care of that when I add my usual security plugins. Overall, the backend site setup was decently done.



It’s too early to tell if any of these sites are going to be worth the money I paid for them, let alone turn a profit. I can however, tell you how much they NEED to earn in order to be profitable.

The original purchase price of $897 included $197 for the pro keyword research package. (Pro Keyword Research: 3 keywords that match our very strict keyword selection criteria, 3 exact-match domains, and 12 (4 per site) secondary keywords researched for you! Price: $197). If I take that money off the top, $897 – $197 = $700 and divide it by the 5 sites. $700 / 5 = $140. So each site cost me $140. In order for them to break even, they need to make about $7 a month, (I’m not including hosting costs or annual registration fee, that would add another $1.80 a month). How did I get this figure? Well, most of the time you can purchase an existing adsense site for around 20 times monthly earnings. That means these sites need to earn at least that much to break even.



Like I said before, I’m not very happy or impressed with these sites. I will say that all the communications that I’ve had with Justin and his team have been professional and courteous and I am very happy with them personally, just not necessarily the product I received. Of course, I’m hoping that these sites will make lots of money in the coming months and change my mind.  =)

My plan moving forward is to setup the sites with backup and security plugins, add the “bonus” content that came with the package, and then leave the sites completely alone for the first three months. I want to see how well they do au natural before I start to make any changes. That means no SEO either, I also want to see how well they rank naturally from just the kw research and how they were built.

I will post an update at the end of every month on how well they are doing financially.

Have you purchased from EmpireFlippers before? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.