SEO for the EFPS Sites – June 2014

As you may remember from my previous income report, EFPS Site #1 has broken the threshold of profitability, unfortunately the others haven’t. Since I can’t really lose anything but a few bucks, I thought I would purchase different SEO packages for them and compare how they do. Last night I bought four different packages, one for each website.

EFPS Site #2

For this site I used the free IMtalk website submitter and posted to the top 100 sites. 97 backlinks were created. Cost – free. Time frame – all built immediately and pinged.

EFPS Site #3

For this site I bought a fiverr gig that will create 60 high PR links. Cost – $5. Time frame – 1 day.

EFPS SIte #4

For this site I used a new paid tool created by the guy at IMtalk, it’s called and it’s a social signal tool. You get Facebook likes and shares, tweets, and Google + shares. I bought 100 social signals. Cost – $2.50. Time frame – built over 10 days.

EFPS Site #5

For this site I used SocialAdr, a bookmarking service that also does Facebook likes. I bought 50 bookmarks and 50 likes. Cost – $7.50. Time frame – Not sure. 32 Bookmarks have been built in about 15 hours so far, but not a single FB like. I’m guessing the bookmarks will all be created within 24 hours, but no idea on the length of time for the likes.

All told, I spent $15. Hopefully, it will help boost these other sites to the point where they are at least breaking even and bringing in $10 or so each month. I’ll let you know how they are doing at the end of the month.  =)

* Edit *

I forgot to mention that I checked all 5 sites using and no backlinks were detected on any sites, however, I know that site #1, the only actual performing site did have a backlink from an autoblog at one point, (I did not create it). I also indexed site #1 with a tool like the IMT submitter, although I don’t remember what it was. I think I did that back in Feb.

I’m planning on writing a couple of good content articles for site #1 to see if I can increase earnings for next month. Depending on if any of these SEO tests pan out, I’ll then use the winner on the new content.




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