June and July 2014 Income Report

Although I also have income, (and expenses!), from my web design and maintenance services, I will not be including them here. This income report is specifically for my affiliate endeavors. If you’ve read my About Me page, you’ll know that I’ve had success in my business selling SEO and web design services, but now I’m trying to make a passive income through affiliate marketing. As such, I want to keep all income and expenses as separate as possible to see how well this branch of the business does on its own.

Time Period
This report covers June 1st, 2014 to July 31st , 2014

I’m still a slacker, I haven’t created any new content or done much of anything, at least not on the affiliate sites. I have done a bit of paid web design and maintenance, but mostly life is just keeping me busy with work, family, and so many other things.

Here’s the stats from the last two months:



I don’t know if it’s because it’s summertime, or if it’s just the natural progression of things since I haven’t done anything to site #1, but it continues to drop in traffic and earnings. The only bright spot is that #4 has once again basically doubled its traffic. Looks like the SEO I used on that one was worth it. You can see the original article on that here.

Total Affiliate Income Earned (both months): $16.97
Total Affiliate Income Earned (this year): $44.61

Unfortunately, there’s always expenses….

Hosting: $24.95
Fiverr: $5
MarkethingMe: $7
Long-tail Pro (monthly fee): $17
Total Expenses: $53.95

Hosting: $24.95
Annual Renewal of The Best Spinner: $47
WSO’s (I still buy ‘em lol): $9.20
Long-tail Pro (monthly fee): $17
Total Expenses: $98.15

Total Expenses both months: $152.10

Grand Total – last two months (Income minus Expenses): -$135.13
Grand Total – this year (Income minus Expenses): -$723.69

Unfortunately, I forgot about the auto-renewal on the best spinner, or I would not have wasted the money. It’s a tool I no longer use, although it probably is the best at what it does.

Only 5 more months left this year. Guess I’d better get cracking. =)

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