Case Study #1 – Thoughts

I was going over the bonus content today from EmpireFlippers for the PreSold sites, and I noticed the quality varied considerably. Some of the articles barely needed any re-writing, while others were terrible. Here’s a sample of text that was so bad I had to chuck it completely, (the keywords are removed to protect the innocent).

terrible writing

Now I’m not trying to pick on EmpireFlippers, but I’m starting to get why the sites I bought from them aren’t ranking too well. I checked the home pages of those sites and noticed that there’s quite a few sentences that are grammatically incorrect, and a few like those above that just don’t make any sense at all.

I’m betting Google can “see” this as well.

I did manage to find enough time to re-write 5 of the 10 bonus content pieces. I’ve changed the keyword density, (they were using the primary waaaay too often), added some affiliate links, and cleaned up the grammar. On average I also added 44 words to each piece.

What about the keywords themselves? Well, the good news is that they have decent search volumes and a good KC. The bad news is that it’s a real stretch to connect most of them to the primary keyword of the site. Sort of like if you had a website about cars and you were writing an article about surfboards, and at the end you throw in something about how you can buy a rack for your car to hold your surfboard. That’s about as close as these are connected to each other.

Anyway, those are my thoughts at the moment….


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